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Authentic Australian Labradoodles are unlike any other dog breeds. Learn more about them.

History of Australian Labradoodles

The original Labradoodle was created in Australia to provide a service dog to a client who was allergic to dogs. Eventually other breeders in Australia continued the development of the breed to create the ideal allergy friendly pet. Breeders in America brought over these dogs and continued the process. Australian Labradoodles are a currently a breed in the making. The eventual goal is to be accepted into the AKC. And so these dogs are called multi generation Australian Labradoodles.

Sizes of Australian Labradoodles

There are three general sizes. Miniature, Medium and Standard.

14" - 16"
16 - 25lbs
17" - 20"
30 - 40lbs
21" - 24"
45 - 60lbs

Coat Types of Australian Labradoodles

There are generally two coat types with blends

Best for allergies
Non Shedding
Soft and Flowing
Non Shedding
Wool and Fleece
Non Shedding

There are generally four coat colors, plus variations. Their noses can be black, brown, liver or pink, plus a variation such as a multi colored nose.

  • Black
  • Chocolate - May fade to Cafe
  • Cream - May have Apricot coloring
  • Red - May fade light red or apricot
  • Parti (Two colors) - Will include White and one other color
  • White

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