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Name: Blessings Ginger

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: February 4, 2015

Description: Blessings Ginger is named after that darling movie star Ginger Rogers. I grew up watching glorious musicals with beautiful Glamor Girls. Ginger's coat is also rather Ginger colored. She was whelped here from Blessings' Legacy and Walkabout Woods' Maximum Overdrive. Ginger has an Apricot colored coat with slightly Brown/red eyes and a liver colored nose. The red eyes come from her Mother, who is Chocolate. The coat and nose colors come from her Golden Father, whom has a great deal of Red in his lineage. Ginger's personality mostly comes from her Mother. It is very calm and gentle, which makes her a perfect Dam. She is about 18lbs and was the runt of the litter. Her coat is a soft fleece and non-shedding. She is a wonderful, caring Dam to her young, and produces beautiful offspring.



Name: Primetime's General Parks

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: February 6, 2015

Description: General Parks came to us from Dorothy and Lora at Primetime's Labradoodles. He was just a bundle of yellow fur. At first he was rather coy, but soon started jumping for joy. He loved all the other dogs to play with. However, with other males around, he learned how to submit by pancaking and crawling, and even turning over onto his back side, usually in order to convince them to release the ball to him. It's quite comical. Nowadays, he is quite the gentleman. I named him General, because of his military lineage, and Parks after my Step Father, who had passed away just before I received him. Parks has the most wonderful silk coat I have ever felt. It is full and gorgeous, just like you would dream of. He has both cream and red in his lines and has sired his first litter with Blessings Ginger in 2017.



Name: Blessings Blackjack

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: April 21, 2008

Description: Blackjack is an Australian Labradoodle. Medium to dark chocolate in color. The base of his coat is lighter and the tips darker and turns reddish in the summer. The texture is a fleece blend. He is non-shedding. He is a medium size at 35lbs. He has a very consistent curl, looser than a tight poodle curl but definitely not a wave. His parents are Avonlee’s Penny Candy and Aladdin’s Joey. He was whelped here at Blessings. He is the senior male in our group, and never aggressive. He is exceptionally smart, fast and agile. He has the perfect stance and a strong structure.

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Name: Blessings Legacy -- RETIRED

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: April 21, 2008

Description: Legacy is an Australian Labradoodle. Legacy is café chocolate with darker brown around the ears, face, feet and tail. She has a petite face and ears. Her temperament is the sweetest ever. She wants to touch you and be close. Her coat is wavy fleece. She is small medium weighing about 28lbs. She is non-shedding. Her parents are Avonlee’s Penny Candy and Aladdin’s Joey. She was whelped here at Blessings. She is almost as fast as her brother Blackjack and can jump like crazy. She likes to lie on her dog house just like another incredible dog.


Name: Avonlee's Penny - RETIRED

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: Sep 19, 2005

Description: Penny is an Australian Labradoodle. Penny is our eldest female. She has the tight poodle curl with a light café’ color. Her Great-Grandmother was Canada’s prize winning Standard Poodle, Landmark Morgana Rialto. She retains the floating motion. She is a medium size at 38 lbs.


Name: Dreamweaver's Annie - RETIRED

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: June 22, 2007

Description: Annie is an Australian Labradoodle. Annie is our miniature little girl. She is about 14 lbs and 14”. She has a cream and apricot coat with a loose curl. She is absolutely adorable. She is full of energy and loves to play and jump.


Name: Primetime's Hunk-a-Doodle - RETIRED

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Jan 13, 2008

Description: Hunk is an Australian Labradoodle. Hunk is a one of a kind. His coat color is called Parti, which is white with one other color. In his case it is brown. He has brown around the outer part of his eyes, his ears and the base of his tail. He is just the cutest ball of fur ever. There are just bends in his fleece coat, rather than curls. It is beautiful, soft and flowing. He is a large miniature at about 28lbs. He and Annie are inseparable and play constantly. We are very excited at the prospect of their offspring.


Name: Walkabout Woods Maximum Overdrive

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: May 13, 2005

Description: Max is an apricot colored Australian Labradoodle. Cream and Red are both in his coat and he carries for red. The texture is a fleece blend and is non-shedding. He has a thick curl. He is very sweet and mild mannered. He is a small medium at about 22 lbs. He is owned by Heidi at Walkabout Woods Labradoodles.

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